About Us

[Knits In by Denine] was originally intended to be an informative blog, allowing readers to indulge in the rich history of knitting, followed by an easy to follow knitting tutorial.

Today we are a small handmade business specializing in tools and accessories made with your unique knitting or crochet journey in mind. All of our handmade products are made here in the United States with cruelty-free vegan-friendly materials.

Everything else is responsibly sourced from other businesses whose sustainability practices align with our own.

If you made it this far we would like to thank you for supporting our small black-owned business!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make knitting and crocheting high-quality garments more accessible to those who choose to create with non-animal yarns.

We also strive to provide a space where our customers can connect with us and each other over a shared love of the fiber arts.

A space that is inclusive and accommodating, as well as nonjudgmental. We believe knitting and crocheting are forms of art that should be accessible to all.

We are knitters. We understand what you need and we're here to serve you ♥.

Full Transparency

Why vegan-friendly knitting supplies?

As a long time ethical vegan with a passion for knitting our founder Denine, wanted to create a fully inclusive animal free shopping experience.

By exclusively selling vegan-friendly supplies, our hope is that those who have previously felt excluded from traditionally animal dependent fiber arts will feel welcome to shop knowing that their purchases aren't directly funding animal cruelty.

All of our clay and resin stitch markers as well as our stitch marker bowls and dishes are made by hand in our studio.

Our wooden knitting needle gauges and other wooden tools are locally sourced and made in collaboration with our production partners Erica and Heather of Eight Four Productions.

We don't accept returns because our products are either made by hand or made to order.

As a small handmade business we can't afford to keep exessive funds tied up in inventory. This is why we have to ask that you please only purchase what you intend to keep.

If your order arrives damaged or is lost in the mail then please visit our return policy for more instructions. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Yes, we do plan on releasing additional knitting patterns designed with plant based yarns!

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Meet our team

Denine C

Denine is the owner and operator of Knits In by Denine.

Thank you!

For supporting our small women-owned business. Your patronage means the world to us. We look forward to continuing to aid you along your cruelty-free fiber arts journey.
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